PCB assemblies of UPS backup power for CATV/HFC applications

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Through hole board assembly 
SMT assembly including BGA Assembly, smallest placement: 0201 
Material procurement 
Consigned material management 
Plastic or metal enclosure 
Complex final assembly 
Functional test 
Cable assembly 
Labeling and Packaging 
Customized logistics per customer 
Laser cut framed SMT solder paste stencils 
PCB design and schematic capture 
Applications: UPS backup power

  • Services and Applications:

    • Through hole board assembly

    • SMT assembly including BGA Assembly, smallest placement: 0201

    • Material procurement

    • Consigned material management

    • Plastic or metal enclosure

    • Complex final assembly

    • Functional test

    • Cable assembly

    • Labeling and Packaging

    • Customized logistics per customer

    • Laser cut framed SMT solder paste stencils

    • PCB design and schematic capture

    • Applications: UPS backup power

  • PCBA Capabilities:

    • Component height: 0.2-25mm

    • Min. Package: 0201

    • Min distance among BGA : 0.25-2.0mm

    • Min. BGA size: 0.1-0.63mm

    • Min. QFP Space: 0.35mm

    • Min. assembly size: (X*Y): 50*30mm

    • Max. assembly size: (X*Y): 350*550mm

    • Pick-Placement precision: ±0.01mm

    • Pick-Placement range: QFP,SOP,PLCC,BGA

    • Placement capability: 0805,0603,0402,0201

    • High pin count press fit available

    • SMT capacity per day: 3,000,000 point per day

  • Competitive Advantage:

    • Good pricing

    • No MOQ & free sample

    • Focus on low to medium volume production

    • Quick & on-time delivery

    • Good quality & international approvals

    • Great customer service

    • Diversified shipping method

    • In-house PCB production

    • Wide range of PCB supplying

    • One stop turnkey EMS service, including material procurement, SMT and thru-hole assembly, box build assembly

    • UL recognized and RoHS compliant

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